Seattle Central Creative Academy | Portfolio Show 2011


Nevena Stoeva

Graphic Design

Hometown: Varna, Bulgaria

“In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.”
-Albert Einstein

Dandelion Wine

Book Design

“Dandelion Wine” is one of Bradbury’s masterpieces, and one of his most personal works. This new edition presented the challenge of formatting the entire text block and producing a book from start to finish. Layout and type were carefully selected to resemble a book from the era when the story takes place. Each chapter received an illustration done in pen and ink and then digitally colored; the book was finished with letterpressed book cloth and a more modern dust jacket.

Hoffman Quality Paints

Packaging Design

Develop an identity and packaging for a line of products for a newly established paint company. Bold shapes and colors were used to draw the attention of the consumer and create a feeling of safety and stability.