Seattle Central Creative Academy | Portfolio Show 2011


Nici Bissonnette

Graphic Design

Hometown: Seattle, WA

“Graphic design is the paradise of individuality, eccentricity, heresy, abnormality, hobbies, and humors.”
-George Santayana

Guerrero Soda

Print, Packaging

The challenge was to concept and design a soda based on product research. My solution, Latin Cocktail inspired flavors with all the power of the Mexican Guerreros (wrestlers). The design is based in color and form, pulling shapes and colors from the plants that make up the flavors and incorporating them into the wrestling masks. The eyes of the masks are die cut to reveal the flavor patterns on the inside of the label. This gives each flavor individuality and flair.



The challenge was to concept and design a local Seattle business based on researching surrounding businesses. Wag, a cafe for everyone and their dog incorporates two thing that Seattlelites love, their dogs and coffee. Wag is a cafe based in capitol hill with a dog park backyard and an garage door in between. Here, pet parents can enjoy a late under heat lamps on a rainy day as their best friend plays in the yard. The Wag identity is a combination of hand done type and illustration, the type mimicking a leash which is the human connection to their dog.