Seattle Central Creative Academy | Portfolio Show 2011


Rijuta Trivedi

Graphic Design

Hometown: Baroda, India

“Creativity is the defeat of habit by originality.”
-Alan Fetcher

Heavy Weather’ by P.G.Wodehouse

Book Design

The project was to redesign and illustrate an existing book. P.G.Wodehouse’s ‘Heavy Weather’ is a comic fiction novel with hilarious situations and characters. This inspired the light-hearted sketchy marker and pen illustrations. The story is based in Edwardian England and represents a satire on the idle rich society. With a good balance of classic old time fonts and more quirky illustrations I have tried to represent the setting of his stories and the light but witty humour. The spine is designed to catch attention amongst other book spines and is inspired by a stolen manuscript from which the story revolves around.

City of Mukilteo


Mukilteo is a waterfront city in Puget Sound. With so many growing cities in the area it was important to create positive, distinguishing associations for people by creating a cohesive identity which would also unite a range of governing bodies. The challenge was to reflect different aspects of the city—affluent, quiet, family-friendly, scenic, growing. The logo uses lines reminiscent of the lush rolling greens, the harbour and mountains. It helps show off the city`s sophistication, the spirit of its community, and the scenery. The project included aspects of how it should be portrayed across communications, advertising, signage and its online presence.